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For Borrowers

Equityline Financial Corp is a Mortgage Brokerage, Mortgage Lender & Mortgage Loan Administrator

Residential Mortgages

We work with major financial institutions including banks, trust companies and credit unions. Additionally, we have access to investor capital to fund private mortgages.

Credit Issues

We have the expertise to help you qualify for one of our mortgages - even if have credit issues or have limited proof of income.

Commercial Mortgages

Our experience with packaging commercial mortgage applications will quickly filter potential lenders while optimizing lending options.

Mortgage & Tax Arrears Solutions

If your facing  mortgage or tax arrears challenges - we are here to help. 

Renovation Loans

Are you considering a home renovation? Or, adding a rental unit to generate some extra income? Use your home equity to qualify for one of our short term mortgages.

Private Mortgages

Even with a good credit rating and ample home equity, banks are declining mortgage  applications due to stricter "stress tests". Private mortgages offer a practical solution with no stress tests required.

Monthly Dividends For Investors

EquityLine Mortgage Investment Corporation (EquityLine MIC) provides investors an opportunity to generate a stable, predictable monthly dividend through a purchase of Series B shares in the EquityLine MIC. These shares have delivered a historical 8% annualized rate of return with a targeted rate up to 10%, paid monthly. EquityLine MIC also offers Class A shares which are publicly traded on the Jamaican Stock Exchange (

Investors who purchase these share classes participate in a pool of 1st and 2nd mortgage investments on prime urban residential properties in the Southern Ontario region of Canada.