Welcome to the EquityLine MIC

Welcome to the EquityLine Mortgage Investment Corporation or MIC. Our MIC is a way for people to come together and invest in real estate to an amount that best suits their individual financial plan. How is this accomplished? The accumulated pool of money is invested in carefully selected mortgages backed by real estate properties. The interest from those mortgages is paid to investors in the form of a monthly dividend. Unlike most MICs, EquityLine’s dividend is a fixed* 8.00% annual rate of return versus a targeted annual return.  Simple. Well rewarded. Efficient.

Latest Investment Offering

We encourage you to review our latest video profiling our Series B Shares and the supporting documents below.

Monthly Dividends for Private Market Investors

EquityLine provides qualified investors an opportunity to generate a stable monthly dividend though a purchase of Series B shares in the EquityLine Mortgage Investment Corporation. These shares deliver an 8.00% annualized fixed rate* of return, paid monthly, for as long as the purchaser remains invested.

Investors who purchase these shares participate in a pool of 1st and 2nd mortgage investments on prime urban residential properties in the Southern Ontario region of Canada.

Flexible redemption

A significant benefit of this investment is the ease of redemption. Most investors prefer to buy and hold. However, we recognize that that some may choose to redeem. For those who do, we make provide flexibility.

Our investor redemption policy was developed to offer investors a clear and rapid path to redemption of capital with only such restrictions as are required to maintain fund liquidity.

The policy provides for investor redemptions:

  • After a minimum six-month hold
  • Without penalty
  • For 100 percent of invested capital
  • 30 to 60 days after a written redemption request

Cash redemptions are limited to a monthly cap of $500,000 or 3.00% (whichever is greater) of the total capital in the pertinent share class after a hold period of 6 months.

Should there be requests for redemptions, in excess of monthly caps, the company has a resale mortgage network in place that will help provide a timely sale of the required portion of the mortgage portfolio.


Eligibility to purchase is restricted to individuals who qualify as defined by Canadian regulators. Please check with your financial advisor or dealer representative to determine your level of eligibility.

Restrictions on Transferability and Resale

The Series B Preferred Shares are subject to restrictions respecting transferability and resale, including a restriction no shareholder can trade the shares before the date that is four months and a day after the date the Corporation becomes a reporting issuer in any province or territory of Canada.

The Corporation is not a reporting issuer in any province or territory of Canada, and therefore the Series B Preferred Shares are subject to an indefinite hold period. The Series B Preferred Shares are only available to potential investors through exempt market dealers.

* For details regarding statements about fixed rate of return please refer to our offering memorandum (pages 46 to 51).