Management and Directors

Sergiy Shchavyelyev

Chief Executive Officer; Director

Sergiy Shchavyelyev is the CEO and Founder of the EquityLine Mortgage Investment Corp. and VeleV Capital. EquityLine MIC is publicly traded corporation on the Jamaica Stock Exchange. Sergiy graduated...

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Mark Korol

Chief Financial Officer

Mark Korol has over 20 years’ experience as a chief financial officer in a variety of industries, including seven years of public company experience at Zenon Environmental, CDI Education Corp., and...

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Robert C. Kay

Executive Vice President; Director

ROBERT C. KAY is a seasoned Corporate Director and Business Advisor. He combines business and legal skills with extensive experience in international commerce to develop and assess complex strategies...

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Sergiy Przhebelskyy

Chief Operating Officer; Director

Sergiy Przhebelskyy brings a wealth of banking sector knowledge having spent time over seven years in the banking and financial sectors at TD and The National Bank of Canada. In 2014, Sergiy...

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Arthur Smelyansky

Chief Portfolio Officer

Arthur Smelyansky currently serves as the Chief Executive Officer and Portfolio Manager at Maccabi Capital Management LLC and is a Portfolio Manager, Hedge Fund Trader and Co-Founder of Maccabi...

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Roman Raskin

Chief Financial Office, EquityLine Service Corp.

Mr. Raskin is the Chief Financial Officer of the EquityLine Service Corp. Mr. Raskin is also the Manager, Financial Services of Velev Capital, with over 15 years of experience servicing local and...

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Mark Simone

Vice President

Mark Simone is a business executive with extensive C-Suite experience in the development and management of businesses in the insurance, finance, and medical sectors. He was the President of Medipac...

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Stephen Clarke

Vice President

Stephen Clarke is an executive leader with over 30 years’ experience in the marketing and sales areas of the wealth management and financial services sectors. Stephen has significant experience in...

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Eric Klein

Independent Director

Eric Klein is currently President of Klein Valuation Services Inc., a firm that focuses on business strategy, complex mergers, acquisitions, divestitures and financings for mid-sized Canadian...

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Donald Hathaway

Independent Director

Don Hathaway currently divides his time among leadership roles on the board of Equity Line MIC, as the Board Chair of First Resource Management Group, and the Chair of the Independent Review...

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Ungad Chadda

Independent Director

Ungad Chadda was Senior Vice President of TMX Group, parent company of Toronto Stock Exchange and Enterprise Head of Corporate Strategy, Development and External Affairs. He was responsible for...

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Willie Handler

Independent Director

Willie Handler has 28 years of experience in the insurance sector with 20 years working on insurance regulatory policy with the Financial Services Commission of Ontario and eight years’ operating...

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Earl Chapman

International Business Consultant

Earl Chapman is a business executive with over twenty-five years’ experience in business development and marketing. Earl has extensive knowledge of government processes and a strong network of...

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